418: Dangerously Close to Being on a Phone Call

02.18.2021 - By Accidental Tech Podcast

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Pre-show: Join us in our Clubhouse! (That’s a joke; not happening. —Ed.)

Party line
Newton’s cradle
Should Apple remove the Contacts framework?


Living outside the east coast… or America.

The UK explained

The Concert for Charlottesville was posted
Should timers sync? (via Richard Harris)
What can Mobile Device Management really do? (via Chris Harper)

Support article
Helpful PDF

An alternate way to think about RAM vs. SSD-wear tradeoffs (via Jonathan Dietz)

Example M1 smartctl results


Ada and MISRA C for car-computer safety
T568A vs. T568B myths revisited (via Jon B.)

Stack overflow theories

iPhone 13 rumors

Live Tiles
Marco’s microsuction mounting tape

Post-show: Casey’s new toy

Several-year-old Mavic footage
Marco’s old toy

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