Ep. 160 - Dani Beinstein Astrology Insights: Moon, Rising & Houses

08.20.2021 - By EXPANDED Podcast by To Be Magnetic™

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How can you find deeper healing in every season of life? Today we welcome back to the Expanded Podcast a fan-favorite guest Dani Beinstein! She is a psychological astrologer who has studied spiritual psychology, along with conscious health and healing. Her work centers around breaking down astrology in a tangible way, and today she joins Lacy for a conversation on how it has informed Lacy’s motherhood journey so far.

This episode includes broad explanations of astrology terms such as signs, houses and degrees, as well as analysis of more advanced topics like astrocartography, retrogrades and progressed charts. It’s a fascinating look into how a deeper understanding of your astrological profile can support your relationships, self-worth and Neural Manifestation process. Enjoy!

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