David Gagné - Vintage, Upcycled, Passionate, and Fun

09.16.2016 - By The Podcast For Makers (MakerCast)

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Self-described BMX kid and hack carpenter David Gagné uses his vivid imagination and colorful background to build all kinds of unique creations. As a fan of punk rock from a blue-collar family, David’s passion for making came from day jobs as a bicycle mechanic and construction laborer. Today, David has a “bicycle graveyard” behind his home and a collection of upcycled projects made from old bicycle parts and a growing YouTube channel, Elm City Vintage. Join us as we talk to David about A passion for photography that fizzled when it became a job The punk rock DIY ethic and its similarity to the Maker mindset Learning to make things from readily available junk bicycle parts Diving into new things head first and figuring things out as you go Learning to crawl before you can walk Making YouTube videos that stand out Visit the show notes for this episode Tweet at Jon Checkout David or Jon on Instagram

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