David Lynch - Hotel Room

07.03.2018 - By The Bicks Do...Shakespeare

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"For a millennium, the space for the hotel room existed undefined. Mankind captured it, gave it shape and passed through. And sometimes in passing through, they found themselves brushing up against the secret names of truth."
Thus we enter the world of David Lynch's Hotel Room, a series that jumps between times but remains always behind the door of Room 603 of the Railroad Hotel in New York City.
Lynch's first foray into the then-fledgling world of cable television is fascinating and strange, pushing the boundaries of the medium in its exploration of love, loss, and possibly even more...
Starring: Crispin Glover, Glenn Headley, Alicia WittDirected by: David Lynch & James SignorelliWritten by: David Lynch, Monty Montgomery, Barry Gifford, Ian McInerneyProduced by: David Lynch and Monty Montgomery
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If These Walls Could Talk
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