Dealing With Uncooperative In-laws

01.25.2021 - By Betches Brides

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Jordana and Nicole start off this week with a few updates on their own weddings, including how they are now adapting to some new coronavirus related news and the progress of vaccinations. Then, they dive into a listener email about wedding expenses and how to manage the tricky business of establishing how much each family is contributing to the overall budget. How do you deal with someone who is refusing to pitch in for the wedding? Then another listener writes in with a couple of questions about bridal parties for our Perfect Fit segment brought you by Generation Tux. How can you avoid hurting someone in the family by not wanting them to be part of the wedding party? Are there other ways of involving people in the wedding so they don’t feel left out? They close out the episode with an email in our Happily Ever After segment, where a listener writes in about having developed some feelings of resentment when her wedding date was pushed back due to COVID after a lengthy relationship with her fiancé. How can they work out their problems in a healthy and productive way?

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