09 December, 2020 – Episode 803 – Bringing Light to the Darkest Timeline

12.11.2020 - By This Week in Science – The Kickass Science Podcast

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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!
Of everything that has ever happened, been done or occurred in the world.
This is the end
The end of everything past.
This is the result of the experiment.
This is now.
And like all now’s.
We are at the beginning.
We are designing the next experiment.
We are at the birth of future,
This is the prelude to everything that is yet to come.
This moment of now comes with great responsibility
Choices now will affect all the now’s to come.
And now is the only moment in which you can do anything about it.
If we make choices based on science and reason and empathy,
we can build a future brighter than the one we started with.
If we ignore science,
if we act without reason and without empathy,
we will fall into a future far worse than where we started.
Whichever world we end up with,
You have made at least one choice that can only help our chances to improve
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