DeepChem creator Bharath Ramsundar on using deep learning for molecules and medicine discovery

08.05.2020 - By Gradient Dissent - A Machine Learning Podcast by W&B

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Bharath created the open-source project to grow the deep drug discovery open source community, co-created the benchmark suite to facilitate development of molecular algorithms, and more. Bharath’s graduate education was supported by a Hertz Fellowship, the most selective graduate fellowship in the sciences. Bharath is the lead author of “TensorFlow for Deep Learning: From Linear Regression to Reinforcement Learning”, a developer’s introduction to modern machine learning, with O’Reilly Media.

Today, Bharath is focused on designing the decentralized protocols that will unlock data and AI to create the next stage of the internet. He received a BA and BS from UC Berkeley in EECS and Mathematics and was valedictorian of his graduating class in mathematics. He did his PhD in computer science at Stanford University where he studied the application of deep-learning to problems in drug-discovery.

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