Delina, Wild Mage Deck Tech - Ep105

08.11.2021 - By Commander Social

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Patreon Patreon Contest - Tell us a cool story from a TTRPG game you’ve played. This can be a cool character you’ve created, or a funny moment. If you’re not a TTRPG player it can be any sort of moment from any game, just share something fun Prize - $20 gift card to mothership Ryan - @greenegeek Zack - @z4ck38 Together - @commandersocial   You can find us on Twitter SOCIALSHIP - free shipping on orders of $50 or more SOCIAL10 - 10% off in stock MTG singles Thursday nights come play at mothership! Our LGS has setup an online store! @MothershipGames - 1:38, 7:34 @CotB1 - 7:18 @moxfieldmtg - 48:33 Ep 105 Community Spotlight: Read the Commander! Decklist is here: Deck genesis: Zack mentioned this card should be in my top 8 list, and it really should have! Not sure how I missed this. It’s kinda hard for me to say no to making a mono-red deck, and if you recall I talked about how Sword of Hearth and Home can do blink stuff in non-traditional colors. This lead me to see how mono-red Blink can work, and I think it can work pretty well! Mindclaw Shaman! Solemn Simulacrum (Note, Delina exiles, so we don’t get death triggers unless we have some sort of sac outlet.) Emrakul’s Hatcher Dire Fleet Daredevil Fanatic of Mogis Godo, Bandit Warlord (cause there is a bit of an equipment sub-theme) Imperial Recruiter Goblin Engineer Vengeful Ancestor Plundering Barbarian Rapacious Dragon Blink Targets Liquimetal Torque Burnished Hart Pilgrim’s Eye Ramp Rogue’s Passage Access Tunnel Whispersilk Cloak Trailblazer’s Boots Zephyr Boots Make Delina survive combat Sword of Hearth and Home Erratic Portal Conjurer’s Closet Mirror March (doesn’t work with tokens from Delina) Flameshadow Conjuring (same) Backup Blink Barbarian Class Panharmonicon Harmonic Prodigy Embercleave Flex Seasoned Pyromancer ($37) Fury ($10) Imperial Recruiter ($10) Thought-Knot Seer ($5) Lithoform Engine($10) Embercleave ($8) Aggravated Assault ($19) Total: $144 (This would put you right at $100 There are LOTS of cards with comes into play abilities that you could use, here are some of my favorites: Ancient Tomb ($45) Some Cards that could easily be removed to reduce budget, that aren’t integral to the way the deck functions. Main Topic - Delina, Wild Mage Deck Tech Keep it Social! Komiku - Battle of Pogs Zack Gets it Together Theme Title - Trap Sport By - jorikbasov Commander Social Theme Consider becoming a Patron: You can check us out at YouTube - You can email us directly at [email protected] Instagram: On twitter @commandersocial Ryan individually @greenegeek Zack individually @z4ck38 Contact Info © Copyright 2021 Leaky Dinghy, LLC

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