Deloitte Employees Taking A Stand Against A Bad Client

07.16.2018 - By The Big 4 Accounting Firms Podcast

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In today's podcast learn about what unsatisfied Deloitte employees are doing to get rid of a client that they don't like. The client is ICE which is a U.S. federal agency. It deals with immigration in the united states.  Get premium big 4 recruiting and career advice. Become a patron today: Make sure to visit our website To read more about our big 4 interview course visit the following website To subscribe to our podcast on itunes make sure to visit the following link. Make sure to check out both of our books in the amazon book store at Deloitte 2017 Research book that has all the biggest news about Deloitte from 2017 Big 4 Interviews questions Big 4 Accounting Firms Recruiting guide Follow us on social media at Contact us with ideas for podcast at

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