S4E3: "Dial Tone", by Meg Hafdahl

10.20.2019 - By The Lift, an Audio Drama

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Loretta's husband, Matthew , is on the edge of death, but under the grief and struggle to accept his impending end, hides another issue that Loretta has to come to terms with.It's been buried deep in the darkness for so long, she'd rather not dig it up and face it, but Victoria tries to make her deal with it. She only has so many chances to choose. Will she? Get your copy of The Lift, 9 Stories of Transformation Volume One - now available on Amazon.Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes: Amber CollinsMain Narration, Loretta, Ayda, Cassandra: Sarah Ruth ThomasVictims: Heather Thomas, Cynthia Lowman, Jessica McEvoy, Erika Sanderson, Sarah Ruth Thomas, Nichole GoodnightMatthew, Pieter: Daniel FoytikArt: Jeanette AndromedaScore: Nico Vettese, We Talk of Dreams A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins, Vettese

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