Didn't I Just Feed You

By Stacie Billis and Meghan Splawn

What's Didn't I Just Feed You about?

Didn’t I Just Feed You is a candid weekly podcast about feeding our families -- because, wow, kids need to eat a lot. And frequently too! Armed with culinary prowess earned from over 20 years as food professionals and practical, non-judgmental advice shaped in the parenting trenches, co-hosts Stacie and Meghan make life as the family cook easier. Or at least funnier.

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Make-Ahead Holiday Breakfasts


The holiday season brings school break, pop-in visitors, and overnight guests — all of which means a lot of feeding. Make-ahead breakfasts help make the job of feeding people 24-7 a little bit easier. And our make-ahead holiday breakfasts do ...

Didn't I Just Feed You episodes: