Disgusting Hawk with Jessica Kirson

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What's Disgusting Hawk with Jessica Kirson about?

Comedian Jessica Kirson presents a variety podcast featuring a series of eccentric characters. From Mandy the spoiled “teenager” to Puzzles the conspiracy theorist clown, Jessica’s cast of characters ranges from delightful to disturbing to downright absurd. Embark on a weekly journey with Jessica through guided meditations, celebrity interviews, workout routines, and comedy bits that you never saw coming. This is the Disgusting Hawk! 

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Episode #073 with Raanan He...


Comedian Raanan Hershberg joins Jessica Kirson for Episode 073 of the Disgusting Hawk podcast! Jessica sits down with Raanan to talk about what inspired them to do standup comedy, experiences during their time overseas, what it feels like to be ...

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