Episode 79.3 - Divided Fight - Charlie Pine! (or, Why Do You Want to Fight Me?)

01.04.2021 - By Pokemon Rollout!

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Now to Charlie, and there’s someone there with a bone to pick and a challenge to issue. Is Charlie up to it?

The cast:

Chartreuse (Charlie) Pine - played by Paul (also @AlakazamGanda)

Liliana Shadowgarden - played by Lydia

Professor Rudimentus Sneaze - played by Michael

And our Game Master - Nick

Eyeli - Eyeli

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Theme Music "Electric Donkey Muscles" by RoccoW. Used under an Attribution-ShareAlike License.

“The Futurists,” “Battle Groove 32,” “Flames of Agni,” and “Sableye” by Peter Lonnquist. Used by permission.

“We Can Do It! [Loop]” by Visager.

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