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What's DMV Podcasts about?

This is a special program of the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles designed for education and public information purposes. These and many more helpful commentaries on laws, regulations and the latest news come in the form of interviews from the Connecticut DMV. The agency makes these podcasts available as another way for customers to more easily understand the rules, policies and changes that affect them when they use DMV services. In opening this new avenue to reach customers, the agency can assist customers and employees of different education levels, ages, backgrounds and cultures to understand critical and important information. Needed -- Feedback from You -- Write to DMV at writingto[email protected] to let DMV know if you are using this service.

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What a Non-Driver ID is and...


DMV's Jonathan Fahey interviews Division Manager Bob Russo of Branch Operations on who should obtain a non-driver ID and provides tips and suggestions for traveling with children. (Posted: 8/10/07)

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