Do You Understand Financial Exploitation in Your Marriage with Carol the Coach

09.15.2020 - By Sexual Addiction:Strength/Hope/Recovery

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Tonight, Carol the Coach, will Debra L. Kaplan who is an expert on sex, money, and power in relationships. Debra is a CSAT who also had a history of working on Wall Street. It is no surprise that she sees many couples who have had sex addiction and still battle being in a controlling relationhip that results in feeling exploitive. Battle of the Titans is a book about power and how to masterfully balance the complex forces of sex, money and power in relationships. Power differentials are a constant across all realms and studies have shown that conflicts about money are the greatest predictor for divorce or relationship dissolution. Battle of the Titans delves deep into power dynamics of a relationship and provides tools for couples to establish sexual and financial balance in relationships.

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