Doctor Strange Endgame Crisis: TIME STONE Gone? | Inside Marvel

11.28.2019 - By Inside Marvel: A Falcon and Winter Soldier Aftershow

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Avengers Endgame took the Time Stone out of the equation for Doctor Strange! How will Doctor Strange protect earth from mystic threats like Dormammu, Nightmare, and Mephisto without the most powerful Infinity Stone? Did the destruction of the Time Stone directly set up the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2021)? Erik Voss explains how screwed Doctor Strange is now that he no longer possesses the primary deterrent carried by the Ancient One and the Sorcerers Supreme since ancient times. Is the MCU finished with the Infinity Stones, or are there ways Strange and Wong could retrieve the Time Stone? How does losing the Time Stone actually make Strange a more fun character to watch in the future?
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