Dogman Encounters Episode 363

06.26.2021 - By Dogman Encounters Radio

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If you listened to Episode 100, you’ll remember how Alexa came on the show and told us about the terrifying Dogman encounter she had while house-sitting, for her father. Her father had a glass house, way out in the country, in Germany and late one night, a huge Dogman paid her a visit. Well, that show has been one of the most popular episodes of Dogman Encounters ever to air. With that in mind, I’ve invited Alexa back to answer questions listeners, who follow my personal Facebook page, wanted me to ask her. She agreed to come back on and do that, so here we are. If you’d like to skip Alexa’s encounter and go to where I start asking her the questions, please go to the 50:33 time stamp.  If you’d like to check out my new Bigfoot show, called My Bigfoot Sighting, here’s a link to the My Bigfoot Sighting YouTube Channel…. To find out how to listen to Dogman Encounters commercial-free, please visit If you’d like to help support the show, by buying your own Dogman Encounters t-shirt, sweatshirt, tank top, or coffee mug, please visit the Dogman Encounters Show Store, by going to If you've had a Dogman encounter and would like to speak with me about it, whether you'd like to keep your encounter confidential or be interviewed on a show, please go to and submit a report. If you've had a Sasquatch sighting and would like to be a guest on Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio, please go to and submit a report. Thanks for listening!

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