Don’t Take Anything Personally

12.05.2019 - By The Look & Sound of Leadership

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This month’s coaching conversation wrestles with the eternal struggle to depersonalize the events in our lives that feel so personal. Is it even possible to actualize the adage, “Don’t take it personally?” Tom mentions two books that can help you manage yourself so you don’t take things personally: The Four Agreements Six Pillars of Self-Esteem   In the archive, this Tip is in five categories: Managing Yourself Perception – How You Perceive Yourself Perception – How You Perceive Others Personal Growth & Self-Development Self-Talk Five related Coaching Tips you can listen to are Acting on the Corporate Stage Animating Your Persona Don’t Take It Personally Self-Limiting Beliefs Taming the Wild Child Lots to browse through!   The archive is at: Get the HTML transcript: Be in touch with Tom: From everyone at “The Look & Sound of Leadership,” thanks! See you next month!

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