Season 3 Episode 16: Doppelgangland with guest Eli

05.19.2017 - By Black Mirror Library

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We have a fan favorite this week, Gentle Listeners! "Doppelgangland" much like it's counterpart episode "The Wish" this episode is a wild romp, where we meet an alternate reality version of one of our fave scoobies and we get to know the stressed out Anya better (Give that girl a beer). Join us and our delightful guest babe Eli as we discuss if we would have sex with an alternate reality version of ourselves (spoiler alert: 2 of us are all the way in) and as we discuss "Is this kink shaming?" (Verdict yes, yes it is).

Suggested Talking Points: Sitting Thigh to Thigh, The Man with the Bone, Clone Sex, Heavy Boobs, Giles After hours, Sports Athletes

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