402: Dr. Caroline Leaf on Eliminating Anxiety, Depression, and Intrusive Thoughts by Managing Your Mind

04.06.2021 - By The Ultimate Health Podcast

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Watch the full video interview on YouTube here: http://bit.ly/drcarolineleaf402 Dr. Caroline Leaf (IG: @drcarolineleaf) is a bestselling author, communication pathologist, and cognitive neuroscientist. Since the early 1980s she’s researched the mind-brain connection, the nature of mental health, and the formation of memory. Caroline was one of the first in her field to study how the brain can change (neuroplasticity) with directed mind input. Her new book is Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess: 5 Simple, Scientifically Proven Steps to Reduce Anxiety, Stress, and Toxic Thinking. In this episode, we discuss: Your mind can change your brain Cleaning up your mental mess Your mind is always with you Thinking, feeling, choosing The gravitational field of your mind Thoughts look like trees inside your brain Depression & anxiety are not mental illnesses The psychological side vs. quantum physics of the mind Behaviour change occurs in cycles of 63 days People are dying 8 to 25 younger from preventable lifestyle diseases Addiction is a response to try and deal with pain When toxic thoughts aren’t dealt with they increase inflammation in the body Acknowledge patterns in your life It’s ok to make a mess Understanding the differences between the wise mind and a messy mind Practice self regulation You have to go beyond mindfulness to awareness The brain mapping study The 5 steps of the neurocycle Start to gather awareness How to use neurocycling to break a smoking addiction Metacog is a way of writing Reconceptualize the toxic patterns Treating mental health with mind management and therapy Never be scared to ask for help, but also learn to help yourself Show sponsor: Organifi <== 20% off all Organifi products BLUblox <== 15% off the world's most advanced blue light glasses BiOptimizers <== 10% off Magnesium Breakthrough by using the code ultimatehealth at checkout Paleovalley <== 15% off all Paleovalley products by using the code ultimatehealth at checkout Related links: Dr. Caroline Leaf - Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess (book) Dr. Caroline Leaf's website Follow Dr. Caroline Leaf on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Dr. Caroline Leaf - Switch On Your Brain (book) Dr. Caroline Leaf (books) Cleaning Up The Mental Mess Podcast with Dr. Caroline Leaf Neurocycle (app) Science of Thought - Ted Talk with Dr. Caroline Leaf Dr. Jud Brewer (books) Listen to Dr. Jud Brewer previously on TUHP (episodes #374 and #397) Related episodes: 381: Dr. Dan Siegel – The Mind Is Broader Than The Brain 296: Dr. Joe Dispenza – Becoming Supernatural, Reprogram Your Mind, Trust Your Intuition 259: Dr. Gabor Maté – Trauma, Addiction, & The Use Of Psychedelics 240: Bruce Lipton – The Honeymoon Effect • Conscious Parenting • You Have 2 Minds 232: Sarah Wilson – Normalizing Anxiety • The Impact Of Gratitude On Your Brain • Just Walk Note: Some of the links above are affiliate links. Making a purchase through these links won't cost you anything but we will receive a small commission. This is an easy, free way of supporting the podcast. Thank you! How can you support our podcast? 1. Apple users, please subscribe and review our show on Apple Podcasts, we make sure to read them all. Android users, be sure to subscribe to our show on Google Podcasts. Subscribers never miss any of the action ;) 2. Tell a friend about The Ultimate Health Podcast. They will surely thank you later. You can use the envelope button below to email a friend or tell them about TUHP in person. 3. Join TUHP Facebook community (FREE). This is where we all stay in touch and ask questions in between episodes. Join our community. 4. Follow our adventures on our favourite social media platform, Instagram. 5. Download The Ultimate Health Podcast app (FREE). This way you'll have our whole library of episodes right at your fingertips. Download our iOS/Apple app or our Android app. 6. Share using the buttons below. Thank you!

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