Dr. Drew After Dark | Dr. Diarrhea w/ Susan Pinsky | Ep. 155

02.18.2022 - By Dr. Drew After Dark

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It’s Dr. Drew After Dark, episode 155! Special guest, wife of Drew himself, it’s Susan Pinsky! This week, everybody is coming in HOT. Susan starts us off promoting her recent Drew bobblehead creation, and discusses the possibility of adding a vibrator to it, further removing any possibility of Drew running for office… then the booth boys battle it out over a sticky situation from a recent dinner. Is Enny Nadav’s hero…or his mortal enemy? You decide. Afterwards, Drew gets a palate cleanse with some TikToks, a b-hole therapist, and Susan’s farts…? Dr. Drew is into two of those three… watch to find out which. Then, Susan helps our doctor answer your questions and concerns. Questions like “why do meds make balls hurt?”, “why do my stomach aches make me hard?”, and “how do I know if I smell down there?”

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