Dr. Drew After Dark | That's A Lot w/ The Booth Boys | Ep. 120

06.17.2021 - By Dr. Drew After Dark

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SPONSORS: - Get 10% off your first month at https://BetterHelp.com/AFTERDARK. - Get 15% off your order at https://BuyRaycon.com/afterdark - Go to https://stamps.com click the microphone at the top of the homepage, and enter promo code DRDREW for a 4-week trial PLUS free postage and a digital scale. - Go to https://PublicRec.com and use promo code DARK to receive 10% off. It's Dr. Drew and the Booth Boys once again for this episode of Dr. Drew After Dark. Nadav reveals how he browned himself in a Florida Home Depot, Enny discusses his high blood pressure, and Dr. Drew responds to follow-up emails regarding the sitting vs. standing wiping debate. Drew also answers listener questions about ball pain, millennial dating, vasectomies, genital warts, body dysmorphia, UTIs, and much more!

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