Dr Giles Yeo Chews the Fat

By Orion Publishing Ltd.

What's Dr Giles Yeo Chews the Fat about?

We tend to reduce food and health to bitesize nuggets of information, like calories or BMI. It’s understandable; numbers are easily digestible when we’re looking for answers or a quick fix. But the thing is, there’s a lot more to health – hey, there’s a lot more to life! – than the numbers you see on the back of a crisp packet or on the scales. Geneticist Dr Giles Yeo feels we need a bit more space to think about the relationship food has with our body, our mind, and even our soul! 
Join Giles as he chews the fat with fellow foodies, scientists, and doctors. Across this series, he’ll be asking how our genes play a role in weight loss and gain, how our stomachs chat to our brains, and whether going on a run really means we can gorge on doughnuts when we get home...

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The soul, with Tim Anderson


Why is it important that we feed our souls? And how do we square what we know about eating ‘healthily’ with our desire for food? Different foods will trigger the reward and pleasure centres of our brain to differing degrees; ...

Dr Giles Yeo Chews the Fat episodes: