Dr. Gregory Shushan, NDEs Vs. Transhumanism |556|

06.14.2022 - By Skeptiko – Science at the Tipping Point

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Dr. Gregory Shushan is the world’s leading authority on the study of near-death experiences across culture and time.

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[00:00:00] Alex Tsakiris: On this episode of skeptiko, a show about finding truth in science.
[00:00:08] Gregory Shushan: There actually were a lot of accounts overtly saying, , this particular person, , Died went to the other world and came back and that’s how we know what the afterlife was like. . I found, you know, 40, 50, 60 of them from different parts of the world. , , so that’s not in dispute. ,
, the idea that. , for all these thousands of years and pretty much every cultural region of the, of the planet, people have just been making things up and let’s instead, , look at the world through our own sort of mechanistic, materialistic, scientific viewpoint, , and say that, , no, it’s all culture and it’s all in the brain.
, to me, that’s a pretty limited way of looking at the world and that to me seems completely illogical and unreasonable and it’s faith rather than science, it’s people sticking to their predetermined, philosophical paradigms, rather than looking at the actual evidence and extrapolating.
( — )
[00:01:02] Alex Tsakiris: And his show about spotting scientists who are full of baloney.
[00:01:06] Yuval Noah Harari: (—–) I don’t have any answer in the Bible, what to do when humans are no longer useful to the economy, you need completely new ideologies, completely new religions, and they are likely to emerge from Silicon valley everything that the old religions promised, happiness and justice and even eternal life, but here on earth with the help of technology and not after.
We just the help of some supernatural.
what’s a humans for as far as we know for nothing. I mean, there is, there is no great cosmic drama, some great cosmic plan that we have a role to play in it. Uh, this has been the story. All religions and ideologies and so forth.
But as a scientist, the best I can say this is not true.
[00:02:01] Alex Tsakiris: The first clip you heard was from today’s guest, Dr. Greg Rashaan,
who seemed to be a little bit embarrassed when I said he’s doing some of the most important work in science period, full stop. so in this introduction, I had to pair his quote with one from a science darling right now, Dr. Yuval Harari, who is named dropped by Barack Obama and bill gates and sucker Bergen has sold 30 million books in is on 60 minutes and is all over the place. And of course, it’s one of the team members in the world, economic forum. Great reset. That’s just the way it is, but as that quote reveals, he’s really not too. Well-informed on science. Is he at least on the science we’ve explored here. On skeptical.
He’s certainly not up to date on why we’re not biologic. Robots in a meaningless universe.
Ah, but we shall leave all that behind and turn our attention towards some great, work done by a terrific scientist and researcher.

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