Dr. Harvey Karp - Founder and CEO of Happiest Baby, pediatrician, and child development expert

11.17.2020 - By Art of the Hustle

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Dr. Harvey Karp is one of America's most-trusted pediatricians and child development experts. He is also the founder and CEO of Happiest Baby, a smart-tech and parenting solutions company. 
Having practiced pediatrics in Los Angeles for over 25 years, his landmark discoveries and unique ability to translate complex science into effective techniques have empowered parents and revolutionized our understanding of young children's needs.
Harvey's highly innovative and celebrated books and videos, The Happiest Baby on the Block and The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep, have been translated into dozens of languages and made him one of the world's most renowned baby and sleep experts.
He joins us to talk about the fourth trimester, his vision for a world full of SNOO smart sleepers, well-rested parents, and the importance of your child's early relationships, especially in a post-pandemic world. 
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