Dr. Kevin Sprouse, leading sports doctor, shares how WHOOP helps his athletes conquer the Tour de France

09.09.2020 - By WHOOP Podcast

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Dr. Kevin Sprouse is one of the leading sports medicine and exercise physiology experts in the country. He works with some of the best athletes on the planet, including baseball and football players, Olympians, and some of the top golfers on the PGA Tour. Kevin is also the medical director for EF Pro Cycling, one of the top 10 cycling teams in the world. WHOOP is the official wearable of EF and Dr. Sprouse shares how his team is using WHOOP data science to monitor rider well-being and to help optimize their performance during the Tour de France. Kevin discusses why he got into the field (2:29), why cycling and sports science go hand-in-hand (5:17), how recovery leads to success during the Tour De France (9:36), what his team does to improve recovery (15:25), learning how you best recover (17:38), antioxidants and free radicals (21:13), glucose monitoring (23:48), absurdly high strain data from the Tour de France (27:34), why 24/7 health monitoring is critical (31:12), understanding how alcohol affects your body (39:27), avoiding over-reliance on medication (42:57), and why the top cyclists in the world are, in his opinion, the fittest aerobic athletes on earth (45:42).
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