Dr. Rob Williams and Brandon Zollino, Freedom and Unity |557|

06.21.2022 - By Skeptiko – Science at the Tipping Point

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Dr. Rob Williams and Brandon Zollino, dive deep into intellectual  freedom and unity on Plan V TV.

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[00:00:00] Alex Tsakiris: On this episode of skeptiko, a rebroadcast of an interview I recently did with two brainiac tree huggers from Vermont. Oh, I hope you’ve love these guys as much as I do, because you’re going to hear a lot more of them on skeptiko.
We don’t need much. of an introduction on this one, stick around for my chat with Dr. Rob Williams. And Brandon’s Alina. Reno from plan the TV.
[00:00:31] Dr. Rob Williams: Welcome to plan V TV, the show about Vermont independence. I’m Dr. Rob Williams, the publisher of Vermont independent.net, and with us today in studio and virtually, this is so exciting. We have Brandon Zino in, in studio and all the way from sunny San Diego. We have Alex Securis, who is the host and founder of the incredibly popular and controversial skeptical podcast.
And the author of this book, why science is wrong about almost everything. Uh, welcome to the show, Alex.
[00:01:10] Alex Tsakiris: Thanks, Rob it’s it’s, uh, super exciting to be here. I was just saying I had a great email exchange with Brandon and I’m psyched for that. And then I went to your site and we have all these connections with whim H and breathing.
And so it’s super exciting. And, and I love the vibe you guys are putting out. It just couldn’t be better. So, so many things to talk about,
[00:01:29] Dr. Rob Williams: oh, so many things. And so let us over the next hour, Alex and Brandon, we will conspire together. Uh, this conspiracy, we call conversation and of course the Latin root of conspiracy conspire means to breathe together.
So we’re gonna do this in studio. We’re gonna do this virtually. It’s so exciting. And I just have to say before we get to Brandon’s opening salvo, I love the fact that Ruper, she Drake. The Maverick British biologist wrote the forward to your book, Alex, I, I have enjoyed shell Drake’s work for years. His theory of morphic resonance just blows my mind.
Uh, and I, I just couldn’t be, couldn’t be more pleased that, uh, you and shell Drake have been in communication. He seems like a righteous dude.
[00:02:15] Alex Tsakiris: Well, we shall talk about our Rupert excellent. Coming up on his 80th birthday here and, uh, a true, a true giant. But if you read the forward that he wrote, we had to nav, we had anion.
[00:02:28] Dr. Rob Williams: I know. And I’ve heard you talk about navigating your forward with Rupert and yes, I’m sure we’ll touch on that, but, um, let’s just jump right in why science is wrong about almost everything skeptical. Um, Brandon start us
[00:02:42] Brandon Zollino: off. Okay, Alex, uh, in February you celebrated, uh, the 15 year anniversary for your groundbreaking podcast, skeptical mm-hmm in which you explore the tipping points of science and spirituality with leading researchers, scientists, and philosophers, your exploration runs the gamut of topics from near death experience, research, remote viewings, psychics, and mediums to neuroscience, quantum physics, Christianity, UFOs, yoga, and conspiracy.
But at the end of the day, you nearly always return to the place where it all happens, consciousness along the way.

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