Dr. Ron Ehrlich | Holistic dentist, environmental medicine man and regenerative farming advocate

10.19.2020 - By The Regenerative Journey with Charlie Arnott

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Dr Ron Ehrlich is far from a conventional dentist. After a 'normal' initial training in dentistry, Dr Ron started to connect the dots between oral hygiene, the influence that diet had on the development of the body,  over all human health and the health of the soil in which that food was  grown. Charlie explores with Ron his journey into his holistic approach to dental care and how regenerative agriculture plays a critical role in providing the quality of food necessary to promote good health. Dr Ron also dives into the  topic of 'environmental medicine' and how we can mitigate against various detrimental impacts of chemicals, toxins and electro magnetic frequency radiation. Dr Rons breadth of knowledge provides a compelling perspective on the importance of the connection between dental, human and environmental health. To start a dialogue and converse more about topics raised in this podcast, please visit The Regenerative Journey Podcast Facebook Group.  Episode Takeaways The combination of biology, technology, psychology and freedom drew Ron to dentistry | There’s a huge amount of psychology and intimacy in dentistry | It’s a potentially very stressful environment for both dentist and patient with dentistry related vocations ranking 1,2 and 3 for the worst jobs in the world! | The mouth is connected to multiple organs and areas of the body not generally understood nor considered by the conventional dentistry fraternity | There are many parallels between holistic dentistry and regen agriculture in that it treats the causes not the symptoms, and focus on what one is in control of | Ron’s considered and non- confrontational approach to pushing the boundaries of dentistry has been very effective, reflected of one of his mantra’s ‘Get your house in order before being critical of others’ | Ruminant urine is a beautiful thing as it contains plant growth hormones and stimulates the production of plant based  Pseudomonas syringae  bacterium that floats up into the atmosphere and helps to seed rain! |Regen farming practices and outcomes are a no brainer for Ron who sits outside the agricultural world however is very connected to it via his patients mouths | 5 human stressors are environmental, emotional, nutritional, postural and dental | Gut, oral and soil biome are similar in that the more diverse these environments are the more healthy and resilient they will be | The resource isn’t the problem it’s the management of that resource that matters, there needs to be a holistic context for its management | Change will not come from government or professional organisations, they are slow to accept new ideas, they are protective of their own egos and reputations and they lack common sense | Environmental medicine is one of Dr Ron’s areas of study and advocacy - Only, approx. 5 % of environmental chemicals are formally tested | We are exposed to multiple chemicals over our lifetimes, 140,000 chemicals currently in the world increasing by 2-3,000 every year. We are also exposed to moulds, dust, and out gassing of chemicals |...and Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation could be to the 21 st century what lead in petrol and tobacco was to 20th century | Sleep is our built-in, non negotiable life support system, 7-9 hours a night. Tips for listeners regarding environmental toxicities Check for mould dust mites bedding  No technology before or near bed No electrical currents near bed Computers emit blue light which is in the ultra violet spectrum and impacts our melatonin levels | Building Biologists can help advise on the impacts of EMF in buildings.  Links Dr. Ron Ehrlich –  holistic health advocate, dentist, educator, podcaster and an internationally published author. Sydney Holistic Dental Centre – run in partnership with his brother Dr. Joshua Ehrlich Nourishing Australia  Dr Ron helped found Nourishing Australia with Vicki Poulter, a NFP dedicated to healthy plants, healthy animals, healthy people and a healthy planet The Meter Man - A huge range of innovative farm, agricultural, horticultural meters, probes, instruments, tools and resources from David Von Pein The Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine ( ACNEM)  in Victoria is a good place for health care professionals Low Tox Life Podcast – Alexx Stuart . For families and individuals looking for invaluable info.        

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