Dr. Shani Cooper: Pregnancy, Birth, and Private Practice in 2020

01.30.2021 - By Startup Parent

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#177 — Dr Shani Cooper is a Naval Veteran, Licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, who began studying the human body in 2010. She is also the parent to Sage, an eight-month old who arrived in the world bright and early, two months before his estimated arrival window!
Shani joined us last year in The Wise Women's Council when she was pregnant with her little one, who you will hear and enjoy in the background of this recording. I asked her if she'd join us to talk about what WWC was like for her navigating pregnancy, childbirth, and growing in-person business practice, and a pandemic.
For all of you curious or thinking about the Wise Women's Council i'm doing a short series here on the podcast with folks who went through the program last year (look for Episodes #176 through #181). If you're interested in joining us in 2021, head to startupparent.com/wwc to find out more about the program and submit an application to join us. Leadership doesn't have to look like what we see around us. Leadership can be messy and it's our job, as women, as people carving out a new future, to chart a new path of leadership that might not look like the masculine models we've been steeped in so far.
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