Dr. Wayne W. Dyer | The Calling to Write

06.19.2022 - By You Can Heal Your Life®

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Welcome to the You Can Heal Your Life Podcast. In today’s episode, you’ll hear a talk from Dr. Wayne Dyer, “The Calling to Write.” In this lecture, Wayne discusses how we all have a divine guidance or inner awareness that is calling to each of us. Wayne inspires us to let go and allow our inner light to guide us to “write from the soul.”   Do you have a book inside you just waiting to be written? Then we hope you’ll join us for a FREE “4-day Book Writing Challenge” June 20th-23rd! In this challenge, you’ll learn how to overcome common obstacles and finally get some real momentum behind your writing. You will also learn what’s really behind your writer’s block and how to decide which book to write first. Sign up today and receive a FREE PDF, “Supercharge Your Writing: 10 Writing Prompts to Help You Think Like an Author.” Visit hayhouse.com/write to save your spot in the challenge. 

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