Dragon Friends: PoWD Ep. #2

09.11.2018 - By Dungeon Delve – An Official Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

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The Dragon Friends are Alex Lee, Edan Lacey, Michael Hing & Simon Greiner and are DM'd by Dave Harmon with NPC voices by Ben Jenkins. Shakeera Khan designs the website and the podcast is mixed by Beth McMullen and recorded live at Giant Dwarf Theatre. You can find out more at www.thedragonfriends.com and via the Planet Broadcasting podcast network. For this episode of Podcasts of Waterdeep, the Dragon Friends are joined by Matt Young playing Uesidore the Blue from Hello From the Magic Tavern, and Mazzmatazz, DM from Hell's Belles on twitch.tv/dnd.

Here's a brief recap of what happened in the last episode. Adventurers from different realms and times, including the cast from North by NorthQuest, Mikhail Povloviskiwicz played by Andrew J. Young from Lawful and Orderly and Velanya played by D&D community manager Satine Phoenix, have arrived in a metropolis in turmoil: Waterdeep. The Harpers, a good-aligned information brokers, hired the crime organization run the Xanathar to help with the Zhentarim problem. The party went to sneak aboard a ship called the Canos' Cruiser to procure a small, decorative box which ended up having some rocks in it. The group finds the box, sinks the ship, and gets away, and each adventurer gradually returned to their own time and realm. A random urchin finds the box and walks off with it.

To find out more about Podcasts of Waterdeep & the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist adventure book available in game stores now & everywhere September 18, head to dnd.wizards.com/powd.

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