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What's Drywater about?

Welcome to Drywater – a town much like yours, if your town was smack-dab in the middle of a dry lakebed. When two young men from the wrong side of the shore decide to make a name for themselves and report the truth at any cost, their escapades soon draw the attention of powerful players who would prefer certain things stayed hidden – permanently. These are the adventures of Felix Fleming and Allan Reed; voices for the voiceless, crusaders against corruption, unwitting saviors of the small lake town they call home. With any luck, they might bring the whole crooked establishment down … if they don’t kill each other first.
Written by Michael Pope and Ryan Snyder. Produced by Ryan Snyder.

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Episode 03 - Weathersby


After a threatening visit, Allan and Felix decide to dig a little deeper into the background of the strange old man who got them into this mess, and they set out to discover who he is and what his mysterious ...