Dumbledore's Army (Updated)

08.06.2020 - By Imaginary Worlds

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In 2016, I put out an episode about how JK Rowling’s themes in the Harry Potter series inspired a generation of progressive activists including Jackson Bird, who was the spokesperson for the Harry Potter Alliance. Jackson is also trans. Recently, JK Rowling has alienated many of her fans and supporters with her views on transgender rights. I catch up with Jackson Bird to discuss how he’s handling the cognitive dissonance of being inspired by the messages in the Harry Potter books while feeling profound disappointment in JK Rowling.
Jackson Bird’s Op-Ed response to JK Rowling in The New York Times
Responding to JK Rowlings Essay | Is It Anti-Trans? by Jamie Raines and Shaaba 
Harry Potter Saved My Life. J.K. Rowling Is Now Endangering Trans People Like Me by Kacen Callender
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