5E News for Week 52 of 2020 - It Sounds Like the Dragonlance Lawsuit is Settled

12.24.2020 - By Metagaming Moments

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#Dnd5E News =There is an update on the new D&D movie.  Plus, it sounds like the Dragonlance lawsuit is settled.  Moreover, from ScreenRant, how to make a D&D Group that Actually Lasts.  In addition learn about ten underrated feats.  Subsequently, find out how to get a free 6th level adventure about a pyromaniac Salamander clan!  Also much moreAnd Much More! In total it lasts a little over 41 minutes
Could a new Dungeons & Dragons movie repeat the magic of The Lord of the Rings?
Dragonlance Writers End Lawsuit Against Dungeons & Dragons Maker
Watch the Stars of STRANGER THINGS Play a Game of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS with Chris Perkins
How To Make A D&D Group That Actually Lasts
Dungeons & Dragons: 10 Underrated Feats That Players Should Consider Taking
DM Layer New Free Adventure Ashes to Ashes
5 Roleplaying Products That Shaped How I Play Dungeons & Dragons 1977–1978
Thoughts on Designing Adventures for Publication
Naked Dragon’s Lair, D&D adventure review
Wilderness Survival Guide
Ratman and the Maze (DnDeBrief 028)
DwDD – Icewind Dale, Pt. 14

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