5E News for Week 51 of 2020 Part 2 - Will Games Workshop Purchasing Wizards of the Coast?

12.18.2020 - By Metagaming Moments

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#Dnd5E News =We tell you about two great kickstarters.  Plus four great blogs including two adventure reviews and one that gives advice on getting a group of inactive player's moving and talking.  Plus I will tell you about two videos.  One, about the new D&D movie.  The second, speculates on Games Workshop Purchasing Wizards of the Coast.  Finally You are told about two podcasts one on the history of Sorcerers in the game.  The other is an eclectic mix of topics by Alphastream and the Mad Wizard. The time is 33 minutes & 48 seconds.
The Cursed King: A 5E Adventure (Episode 3)
Fire on Claymore Woods - a module for 5E and Pathfinder
Getting Players Moving, Especially When No One Wants to Drive
Running a D&D Campaign without a Plot
Kraken Corpse Delve, D&D adventure review
5E Supplement Review: My Dad’s Monster Manual

Will GW Buy WOTC?
Dungeons & Dragons Movie UPDATE - Rating, Tone & Chris Pine In Talks

Why Even Are Sorcerers? (Edition Wars 032)
DwDD – Icewind Dale, Pt. 13(?)

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