E Pluribus Unum: History of the United States

By Andy Rasmussen

What's E Pluribus Unum: History of the United States about?

American history is more than a collection of interesting stories, so why is it most often presented as such? It matters why things happened in the order they did. Join social historian Dr. Heath Mitton as he unpacks the story of the American Republic with special attention to how social and economic factors drove the politics of ideas, from the American Revolution through the presidency of Barack Obama.
These episodes originally aired as a regular segment on 610 KVNU's For The People radio program originating from Logan, UT throughout 2013. Daily episodes of For The People may be downloaded separately.

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22) Pax Americana: Empire F...


Dr. Mitton concludes this series with several questions: Is the United States an Empire? Is it is possible for a republican empire to be benevolent? Finally, how do the decisions of average American consumers both demand and support global empire?

E Pluribus Unum: History of the United States episodes: