Easy Allies Podcast #230 - September 4, 2020

09.06.2020 - By The Easy Allies Podcast

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Nintendo wants you to buy more Mario games on the Switch (in the next 6 months, specifically), Sony hopes you’ll pick up more PS4 games on PC, and Nvidia has new graphics cards to put on your shopping list. To celebrate the prospect of these new purchases we revisit Press Release Me and the language we use to make a quick buck.

00:01:01 - Corrections
00:03:43 - Silver Lining
00:05:01 - Mario's 35th Annivesary Direct
00:41:22 - A Word From Our Sponsor
00:47:20 - Nvidia's new graphics cards
01:06:30 - Sony wants more PS4 games on PC
01:13:47 - Press Release Me
01:21:39 - Also This Week...
01:27:49 - L&R - Ever had accessibility issues in a game?
01:36:17 - L&R - Game: Avenger or Not-us League?
01:41:12 - L&R - Obscure memories, literally
01:43:02 - Time for Bets 
01:49:00 - Closing

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