EatKS and Unappreciated Scholars - The nonsense, the mayhem, the list

12.31.2015 - By Everything And The Kitchen Sink

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I hate making lists, and this isn't all the best music on my radar for this year. This is a merely a snapshot of some of the things I was listening to and really more importantly that are repeat worthy. I asked Steven of Unappreciated Scholars to join me because he is very different in his scope in his hunts for music. This is a very long podcast so if you don't want to download via iTunes, you can do so via the website or stream it on Mixcloud or stream on the websites. I will not apologize for the length, because of a turn of events in the music industry news... I had to put the two podcasts together and just hoped that you will dig it. And i will stop typing while I am podcasting. SORRY!!!!

Anyway, as always thank you for listening how ever you do. Be sure to follow my twitter account @EatKS if you want to check out the #NoPantsRecordStoreShopping mayhem. Remember that the playlist is hyperlinked to go directly to the bands' sites so please check that out to buy some music.

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Here is hoping that 2016 will be even MORE MAYHEM AND MORE NONSENSE for you.

Much love



The Playlist

Star Industry - Revelation
IIOIOIOII (it's pronounced "I O") - Face them All
The Black Fever - A Little Help
Hozier - Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
Nervous Curtains - Progress
Ryan Culwell - I Think I'll Be Their God
Killing Joke - Delete
The Computers - What the news? Here's the Blues
The Atom Age - Wild Worry
Sierra Leones Refugee All Stars - Muloma (let us be united)
Danko Jones - Body Bags
JD macpherson - Head Over Heels
Simone Denny - Breath Again
iVardensphere - Stygian
Psyche and Luminance - Passenger Seat
3TEETH - Sell Your Face
The Coat Hangers - Follow Me
Robin Schultz - Sugar (Featuring Francesco Yates)
Fear Factory - Soul Hacker
Motörhead - Till the End

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