049: Educating CPAs and Clients About Cannabis Accounting with Katye Maxson-Landis

10.22.2019 - By Accounting Marketing Doesn't Suck

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Katye Maxson-Landis is the cannabis accountant’s CPA. She is transparent about her entry into the industry, what she’s learned since she first started taking on cannabis clients and passionate about helping other CPAs get up to speed. Based in Portland, Oregon, Maxson-Landis is the founder and owner of Moxy Accounting and if you’re thinking about entering this niche, you won’t want to miss this episode. Tune in to hear Katye talk about vetting her clients, boosting continuing education in this niche and getting started in this booming industry. Join us! Katye Maxson-Landis, owner of Moxy Accounting Katye Maxson-Landis is irreverent, inquisitive and professionally skeptical of just about everything. She received her Certified Public Accountant credential in 2011 after working in the salt mines of public accounting for 7 years as an auditor and staff accountant and as a bookkeeper for 10 years before that. She’s loyal, generous, interested in advancing the application of accounting for the Cannabis industry to a gold standard. Katye received BAs in both Technical Theatre and English Literature in 1993 from Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska. She then enjoyed several years of eclectic careers in food service, speaking loudly and bartending. She owned an electrical contracting business, worked in currency conversion software support for the roll out of the Euro, coordinated an alternative drug court in Multnomah County and ran several indigent criminal defense firms in Portland, Oregon, finally earning a Post Baccalaureate in Accounting from Portland State University in 2005. She is happily married and is the mother of two vivacious little girls. In creating Moxy Accounting, she is working to bring balance to the insane timelines of accounting while acknowledging the importance of humor and professional standards. She is a trusted advisor, professional and business educator and highly sought after CPA.   Accounting Marketing Doesn't Suck is produced by Build Your Firm, leaders of marketing for accountants. Questions or Feedback? Email us at [email protected]  

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