EE 090: Freedom of the Press with Ivory Hecker

03.10.2022 - By Endless Endeavor with Greg Anderson

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In Episode 90 I sit down with Ivory Hecker. Ivory was a reporter that worked for the Fox News corporation and saw censorship and manipulation of the press firsthand. She brought these concerns up to her supervisors and was routinely told to just continue with business as usual and not to stir the pot. The correlations drawn between her story and mine are uncanny! She finally had enough of the censorship and brought these issues to light on live television resulting in her termination from the organization. She’s a patriot that believes in the free press, which is an absolute necessity to live in a free society! Please enjoy Episode 90 of the Endless Endeavor Podcast. --- Connect with me Instagram: @granderson33 Website: for podcast apparel and gear Email: [email protected] Connect with Ivory Hecker Website: YouTube Instagram: @real.ivory Episode resources: Bio Pro + coupon code ENDLESS saves $30 Moya Brand Coupon ENDLESS 20% off Cured Nutrition coupon ENDLESS 10% Off If you enjoy the show, make sure to give the Endless Endeavor Podcast a rating via your favorite audio platform OR on YouTube here:!

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