EE 059: One Violent Encounter Can Change Your Life with Aaron Westphal

08.05.2021 - By Endless Endeavor with Greg Anderson

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For Episode 059 I drove to Kalispell Montana to record this episode with Aaron Westphal. Aaron is a deputy with the Flathead County Sheriff's Office and experienced a violent encounter many years ago that completely shifted his approach to training and capabilities needed for patrol. Since then, he has dedicated much of his life to training and recently received his black belt in jiu jitsu out of Straight Blast Gym Kalispell. I spent an evening there, training with the team and can’t say enough good things about that academy. If you’re local, definitely check it out! Andy Stumpf also let me use the Cleared Hot Studio for this episode, so I didn’t have to bring all my equipment on the road trip! If you’re watching on YouTube and it looks oddly familiar that is why! Thank you, Andy, for the generosity, and thank you Aaron for sharing invaluable information from your vast experience on the road as a law enforcement officer. Please enjoy Episode 059 of the Endless Endeavor Podcast. --- Connect with Aaron on: Instagram: @aaronwestphal734 Connect with me on: Instagram: @granderson33 Check out my Episode resources: LMNT for a free variety sample pack just pay $5 shipping here in the US. Moya Brand Coupon ENDLESS 20% off Visit, check out their product line and use coupon code ENDLESS for 10% off. Save 15% with coupon code ENDLESS when you snag your delicious order at If you enjoy the show, make sure to give the Endless Endeavor Podcast a rating via your favorite audio platform OR on YouTube here:!

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