EE 065: The Druthers Movement of Unbiased Media with Anna & Nicole

09.16.2021 - By Endless Endeavor with Greg Anderson

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In today’s episode I’m Joined by Anna Kane and Nicole Orozco. Anna and Nicole are like so many in society right now, frustrated with government overreach, unnecessary and infringing mandates and how the media supports the corruption sweeping across both our nation and the world. They decided to get involved and help bring an unbiased news source to America. Druthers newspaper started in Canada and has quickly gained the attention of many Americans; because of this Druthers has recently launched a monthly United States Edition and Anna and Nicole are heading up the Stateside distribution. They discuss the paper's mission, how to get involved and how to help nationwide distribution. Druthers is a non-biased media source that is willing to explore any and all issues plaguing the world right now. On its surface it may be likely that some will point the finger and say they entertain "wacko conspiracy theories", but I’ll offer this; Don’t count anything out, consider all sides of a story before making informed decisions and even more importantly, if stories about Ivermectin, Vaccine injuries and voter fraud keep getting brushed under the carpet you must at least ask yourself “why?”. Please enjoy episode 65 of the Endless Endeavor Podcast! --- Connect with Anna & Nicole on: Email: [email protected] Druthers Website: Connect with me on: Instagram: @granderson33 Email: [email protected] Check out my Jiu Jitsu website: Electric North Jiu Jitsu and Endless Endeavor Merchandise Episode resources: LMNT for a free variety sample pack just pay $5 shipping here in the US Visit, check out their product line and use coupon code ENDLESS for 10% off. Save 15% with coupon code ENDLESS when you snag your delicious order at If you enjoy the show, make sure to give the Endless Endeavor Podcast a rating via your favorite audio platform OR on YouTube here:!

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