Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) | Vicki Talbott: Ep. 7 - Part 1 | S1

02.12.2021 - By Life Continuing

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This is Part One of a two part conversation (interview) with Vicki Talbott who lost her son Braden in a kayaking accident, along with his friend Jim in 2000. She began hearing from him on her answering machine and later through digital recorders; this method of communication is called Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). We discuss when she first heard Braden's voice, and Jim’s (whose mother is Mary Jo and is a great support to Vicki), the history of EVP, and how pets can come through this mode of communication as well.
Vicki's blog:
welcometoeternity.com (https://welcometoeternity.com/)
atransc.org (https://atransc.org/)
extremesenses.org (http://www.extremesenses.com/software/)
RR-DR60 - early digital recorder
Sarah Estep - American paranormal researcher; founded American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (now the ATranC)
Tom & Lisa Butler: Directors of the ATransC
Leslie Flint - British medium who is credited as having been one of the last psychics to use direct-voice mediumship
Konstantin Raudive - Latvian writer and intellectual who collected an abundant amount of EVP recordings and released books describing his findings
Mark Macy - ITC Researcher and Author
Calling Earth Documentary - Dan Drasin
Creator: Tania Berg
Advisor: Amanda Cupido
Music: Richard Feren
Editor: Cathy Ord

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