Episode 96 - Emilya Colliver from Art Pharmacy - an art consultancy and so much more!

02.08.2022 - By Art Wank

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You are going to love this one!!

We spoke to Emilya, the 'wizardess of lightbulb moments', founder and director of Art Pharmacy, an art consultancy in Sydney. 

We spoke to Emiya about her illustrious art career in the UK and Australia, and how Art Pharmacy came about. She is a wonderful powerhouse of knowledge, culture, and art, brimming with ideas and interesting projects. She has also written a book, Making Art Matter, which builds a bridge between artists and organisations, governments and the corporate world. Art Pharmacy is also launching an exciting NFT platform that will be a game changer for artists.

'Art Pharmacy is a specialist project manager and purveyor of authentic culture. We pride ourselves on our grass-roots connection to creative communities, common-sense advice, and a nimble approach. We like to understand the “why” of a project and we aren’t afraid to ask questions and bring fresh perspectives. We have no commercial affiliations with any galleries, so we are free to recommend the most suitable artists based on your brief and budget, which we do by utilising our huge and ever-growing community of artists. We are constantly looking for fresh artist talent and maintain an engaged artist community as a priority. We prefer to support local artistic talent where possible.'

Art Pharmacy is a valuable part of the Australian art world. Thanks for talking to us Emilya, and thanks to your wonderful team in the office too.

We also mention the wonderful artist James McGrath so check out his work...

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