Emmy Award Winning Director Nick Nanton

01.10.2019 - By Slave Stealer

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If you haven't seen the newest documentary about Operation Underground's efforts to end child sex trafficking, then drop everything and sprint to your Amazon Prime account to stream Operation Toussiant. Then listen to Nick Nanton talk about making it in less than 3 months! Nick is the Emmy Award winning director of Operation Toussaint. Like most of us, anti-trafficking  called when he wasn't really looking for a fight, but once it did, Nick answered. In this episode, Tim and Mark travel to Orlando to get Nicks impressions after the big dig through thousands of hours worth of operational footage. What shocked him? What did he have to leave on the cutting room floor? What will he do next to help eradicate child sex trafficking.  Hear the behind the scenes stories that changed Nick forever. 

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