Emotional Technology - A Mental Health Podcast

By Anthony Hayes

What's Emotional Technology - A Mental Health Podcast about?

Join host Anthony Hayes, author of The Science of Being on a journey of Self Discovery, and overcoming obstacles despite our circumstances. Topics of discussion include Personal Development, Mental Health, Success, Habits, Fear, Failure, Mindset, Meditation, Productivity, Mindfulness, and Self Awareness. I draw from personal experiences in my battle with Clinical Depression to become a better self.

My mantra is "Control the Controllable, as for the rest, Keep on Flowing, Just be..."

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"REACH" out on Bullying


Bullying is widespread in the United States. While the magnitude and types of bullying can vary across communities and demographic groups, bullying negatively impacts all youth involved—those who are bullied, those who bully others, and those who witness bullying (bystanders).Today ...

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