Emotionally Uncomfortable

By Hosted by Heather Chauvin | Insights inspired by Mel Robbins, Bréne Brown,

What's Emotionally Uncomfortable about?

All external pressure is off ladies! It’s time to listen to the inner pull. Mastering the art of knowing when to slow down and breathe vs. when to take action. It's time we value our desires. See your value. Own it. Communicate it. It’s time to become wildly #emotionallyuncomfortable
This podcast will crack you open and force you to grow. Interviews and storytelling about business, emotional intelligence, creativity, love, being different, parenting, and more...

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1066: [Parenting] "Navigati...


“Sometimes mad means sad. It can also mean anxious, afraid, overwhelmed, or any of a variety of emotions." - Tricia Goyer In this episode, I talk about: Identifying Root Causes: Explore potential factors contributing to negativity in children and teens, ...

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