Episode 39: Employee Financial Wellness with Liz Davidson

04.14.2021 - By Rebel Human Resources Podcast

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Join Kyle as he speaks with the founder and CEO of Financial Finesse, Liz Davidson.

Liz’s rebel story includes leaving a lucrative role as a partner in a hedge fund in 1999 to go out on her own and literally invent the idea of Financial Wellness as an employee benefit; turning down interested buyers and investors because she wasn’t willing to compromise on her mission of providing *100% unbiased* financial coaching to as many employees as possible; and, this coming April, launching a virtual financial coach that flies in the face of other profit-at-all-costs “robo advisors” because it is a complement to — not a replacement for — our human coaches.

Over the years, Liz has helped HR leadership at many of the Fortune 1000 (Ally, CVS Health, Nestle, McKinsey, etc.) and other well-known organizations (NFL Players Association, Great Place to Work, etc.) to empower their employees to make the most of their pay and benefits, reduce financial stress, and achieve financial security.

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