Encounters with Telepathic Dogmen.

10.06.2019 - By Bigfoot/Dogman/Unexplained

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One of the frequent questions I am asked and one that I can not answer is whether the Dogmen Creatures are bad or good, many years ago when I first started taking the reports I saw both types of accounts, some merely walk away, while other set out for the kill. I still can not answer this question with any confidence of accuracy. Here are a selection of accounts that show how hard it is, to pick a side to champion. I wish there were no bad reports, and I used to have none in the UK, but as you explore the accounts tonight both from America and England you will see there is a counter argument for either side of the debate.Original Source: Bizarre Encounters with Telepathic Dogmen One type of mysterious creature that has gained a bit of a following in recent years are what is commonly referred to as the “Dogmen.” Much as its name suggests, these entities are usually described as being very tall, bipedal, and covered with shaggy hair much like the more well-known Sasquatch, but in this case they also have pointed muzzles and features of a very canine nature. Spotted in many regions of the United States, the Dogmen are a bizarre phenomenon that manages to teeter where the lines of Bigfoot, Werewolves, the paranormal, and urban legend intersect, yet taking things deeper into the strange are the various reports that suggest these beings utilize the mental power of telepathy as well.If you would like to join our Worldwide community please contact us using debbiehatswell@gmail.com. All abilities welcome, no experience needed. Help us investigate these cases or chat with fellow members online.#BBR is a non profit Organisation, run by volunteers. Please click LIKE or SUBSCRIBE to show support. Feel free to SHARE.Copyright ©2005-2021 All Rights Reserved.

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