English Listening Practice Shopping For Food Ep 554

07.11.2022 - By Learn English Through Listening

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An English listening practice lesson for anyone learning to speak English as a foreign language. It will help you with the specific English listening skills you need for the IELTS test and provide the real world English language needed to use in a British  supermarket. Listen to the end of the lesson and you will find a  practice quiz which you can join in, and my own views on how the British  think of supermarkets.
IELTS English Listening: Supermarket Shopping In Britain
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I know I say this is an excellent lesson  for IELTS students, but the lesson will benefit anyone who is learning  to speak English and wants to improve their English language skills. It  will also provide some very practical language you could use if you walk  into a British supermarket.
Walk  into a large British supermarket and you’ll hear some very British  words and phrases. Search for the product you want, ask about a package  size, or maybe even ask for help to pack your own shopping. Today we  introduce you to the British supermarkets in 2022 and the English  language that involves.
As a bonus. If you ever visit the UK and  want to know which supermarket is right for you. I share my views on  which supermarkets are best for price and which focus on quality, and  which are more expensive.
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